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Ground Zero Museum Woven Throws

These stunning 6 foot x 4 foot woven throws are truly something to behold and feature iconic images from the Museum Collection. Seeing them on our website doesn’t fully do them justice as the quality is impeccable. These are not images printed on a throw - these are images woven as a throw on state-of-the-art technology that recreates the photography in lifelike quality. We offer our woven throws in the “The Bible Page” - “FDNY Honor Guard” - “K-9 Recovery Dogs” - “The Last World Trade Center Beam” and the “Ground Zero Cross.” Made in the USA. 100% Cotton and a definite conversation piece. $129.95 (Please note it takes three weeks to fulfill woven throw orders from an outside manufacturer. Separate shipping fees will apply if ordered in conjunction with items that ship straight from our Museum) $129.95